Is There a Doctor In the House?

Sermon Notes Courtesy of Deacon Anthony Sparks


Speaker: Pastor Sparks
Text: Jeremiah 8:18-22

-God hasn’t brought you from a long way, He’s brought you ALL the way!

-Our biggest problem isn’t physical sickness, but soul sickness

How do we heal this sickness?
We Need a Balm
* The people had already been sent a doctor (Jeremiah), but because he didn’t say what they wanted to hear, they dismissed him as crazy…we still do this TO-DAY.
* Of all people, blacks should be the last ones to turn our backs on The Lord because of all we’ve had to endure & overcome! It was nobody but HIM that brought us!
-The balm that was needed was provided by a special tree. The sap from the tree produced the balm.
-It’s interesting that the same thing that healed in the Old Testament, also healed in the New Testament. A few drops of sap from the tree in Gilead healed just like a few drops of blood from the tree in Golgotha healed me permanently!

-Three special qualities of the Gilead balm:
1) Cleansing, 2) soothing, & 3) healing
* It got the “dirt” (the messy parts) out of me
* It brought the “swelling” (arrogance) down
* It restored & cancelled out the wound

-The balm is easily applied! It’s so easy that a child could do it! “Yes, Jesus loves me” is a way to apply the balm!

-But, the balm only works IF you apply it! Take the medicine & immediately you’ll start feeling better!


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