Fake News – God Won’t Give You More than You Can Handle

“God Will Never Put More On Me Than I Can Bear”


Speaker: Pastor Sparks
Text: 1 Corinthians 10:13

*To wade thru this “fake news”, we’ll try to determine where the saying came from, why it’s used, & what it’s trying to say

-You might be going thru so much right now because God is bragging on you; He has confidence in your faith

-The reason this saying is fake news is because oftentimes things come up in our lives that are absolutely too hard for us handle!
-How can you “handle” the loss of a child? The loss of a spouse? The loss of everything I saved up to support my family?

-Life changes…swiftly! One day you’re on top, the next you can be on rock bottom. People are struggling & with everything they’re “handling”, there’s no question why some wanna check out. Life is hard!

-In spite of everything, please remember that GOD. WILL. TAKE. CARE. OF. YOU.

-In your life, God WILL allow more than you can handle; but this is true:
-While He might allow more than YOU can handle, He’ll NEVER allow more than HE can handle!

-In 1 Corinthians 10:13, Paul speaks about being tempted more than you can bear; there’s a difference between TEMPTATION & TRIALS

This fake news does two things:
1. Uses our culture’s standard of fairness & not God’s standard
* We think God is only supposed to give us troubles that are commensurate with our abilities; HOWEVER, think about all the blessings you’ve gotten that were in spite of your behavior???
2. The greatest power you have is to choose God
* This fake saying makes you believe that the answer to your problems is inward; in other words, “more than I can bear” means the solution lies with me—when in actuality, it lies with HIM!
* There’s never a good time for your life to be wrecked, so because you never know what’s going happen, CHOOSE GOD—and let Him handle it!
* “God gives power to the weak and strength to the powerless.” ‭Isaiah‬ ‭40:29‬… This shows that when you can’t handle the situation, the situation is perfect for God to handle!

-God WILL give you more than you can handle so that people can know that it was Him who brought you out! It’s all for the glory of God!

-God will NEVER give you more than HE can bear. Turn to & depend on Him!

Notes Courtesy of Deacon Anthony Sparks


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