Dangerous Prayers-Search Me

Description”Dangerous Prayers”…9/17/17
SPEAKER: Pastor Sparks (Padra)
TEXT: Psalms 139:23-24

-There are some things in life you just aren’t ready for…yet

-What if God gave you everything you asked for??? My God, I might be messed up right now!

-God knows & loves you better than you ever could yourself!

-If you’re not mature enough to receive the answer, you might wanna hold off on praying a certain prayer

-In this psalm, David was praying for God to handle folks who don’t always do right or live right, but he had an “aha” moment & had to turn around and ask God to search him so that he wasn’t one of the folks he was praying against!

-HOW you live is important to The Lord!

-What do you do to SHOW that you love God?

-You can’t be comfortable living in darkness; don’t spend your whole life in church yet miss going to heaven

-We gotta be comfortable enough in our walk & our witness to ask God to continually search us to make sure we’re in line with Him

-The Lord has NEVER let anybody down!

-Be careful not only of what you DO, but also of what you THINK! Because thoughts become do’s

-God is willing to help you & point out your issues to you, but the question is, are you willing to make the necessary changes?

Sermon Notes courtesy of Deacon Anthony Sparks


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