But God

Sermon Notes Courtesy of Deacon Anthony Sparks

“BUT GOD”…5/6/18

Speaker: Pastor Sparks
Text: Ephesians 2:1-9

-You can’t just pick up the Bible & understand it by yourself; you gotta ask the Holy Spirit to help you!

-We’re living in times where people are doing some jacked up stuff!

-If you find yourself in some difficult circumstances, before jumping up & blaming God, consider the part YOU played in it…

-Even though we created our mess, God still provided a way for us to get it right

1. God’s Divine Intervention is Personal
* In other words, if it was only you that needed saving, God would’ve STILL sent Jesus!
* No matter how hard things might be for you right now, don’t ever forget two words: BUT GOD!

2. God’s Divine Intervention is Precious
* God has enough mercy for ANY situation you might find yourself in!
* God is moved by your situation!
* Don’t look down on folks who are struggling, because you never know if you’ll find yourself in need. HELP PEOPLE WHEN YOU CAN, WHERE YOU CAN, & HOW YOU CAN!

3. God’s Divine Intervention is Profound
* Even if you’re not expecting Him to come thru, God will!
* God doesn’t want you to try to get yourself together, that’s what He’s for! In the midst of your mess, He is able to clean you up!

4. God’s Divine Intervention is Permanent
* When you’re His, you will NEVER know a time when His Love isn’t with you!

5. God’s Divine Intervention Provides Divine Identification
* Once I received the gift of salvation, I was able to have the same relationship with God that Jesus does!
* God is my Daddy! And because He’s my Daddy, He has an obligation to look out for His child!

6. God’s Divine Intervention is Intentional

-The things you don’t like about yourself, are you CRUCIFYING them or PACIFYING them?! If you pacify those negative things, you stay stuck; but if you crucify those things, you experience a better life!

-Trust Him like a baby trusts his parents; let go, and let HIM catch you. He will.

-You are a living Bible; some people will never pick up a Bible, so as they’re “reading” you, can they see Jesus?
— Whatever you do, let your life always point to how good God has been to you!

-Does God saving you enhance Him? Does He “need” you? Why would God choose to save you?
— It’s simple.


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